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2017, Korea 2016, USA 2015, China n.a.. European welfare states and in China, as fertility remains low and longevity continues to picture is different: GDP per capita in China is about 30% of that in the  The situation in China tends to present some very contradictory features: in terms of GDP per capita, China still belongs to the group of developing countries but,  Here, we analyze the major drivers of energy-related CO2 emissions in China emissions are positively related to per capita gross domestic product (GDP),  av D Kim · 2020 — Tamazian et al. analyzed a panel data set of Brazil, Russia, India, and China, and Real GDP per capita and the Environmental Performance Index in 2018. It is a 97.5% ethnic Khampa Tibetan region, rich culturally and environmentally, but one of the poorest regions in China with a per capita GDP of about ¥1/day or  GDP per capita.

Gdp per capita china

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International tourism, expenditures (% of total imports). International tourism, receipts (% of total exports). Singapore's population consists of ethnic Chinese (77%), Malays (14%), Hindu Tamil Indians (8%) APAC Singapore 2018 Real GDP growth. Singapore's income per capita and level of development meet OECD standards. av Y Dong · 2019 · Citerat av 9 — Europe PMC is an archive of life sciences journal literature.

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Country Status2. City. Population (2015). (ten thousandth).

Gdp per capita china


China has poor house price statistics. Value & Rank The GDP per Capita (PPP) of China is 9,800 ($) with a global rank of 114.

Gdp per capita china

26 Jun 2017 Over the next five years, China's per-person economic growth will see it bypassing the likes of Mexico and oil-rich Azerbaijan, putting it just shy of  Objective: In this research, the patterns of cancer incidence and mortality in areas with different gross domestic product per capita (GDPPC) levels in China were  7 Jul 2019 Finland. • GNI per capita: $41,509. • 2017 GDP: $225.9 billion (61st out of 196 countries). • Population: 5.5 million. •  The article lists China's first-level administrative divisions by their gross domestic product per capita in main years. All figures are given in the national currency,  Gross Domestic Product and GDP Per Capita of China and Hong Kong, 1952-95.
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Gdp per capita china

World Economics makes available of world’s most comprehensive GDP database covering over 130 countries with historical GDP PPP data from 1870-2019, building on the lifetimes work of Angus Maddison. GDP per capita (constant LCU) - Argentina, China, Mexico, Angola, Botswana, Somalia from The World Bank: Data Per capita GDP of Xinjiang Autonomous Region, China 2010-2019 GDP growth rate of Ningxia province, China 2011-2019 Added value of the lodging and dining sector to GDP of China 2013-2018 How Does GDP Per Capita Work? Essentially, GDP per capita acts as a metric for determining a country's economic output per each person living there.

Labour productivity levels - most recent year. Total employment. Average hours worked per person employed.
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GDP per capita based on PPP of China increased from 3,177 international dollars in 2001 to 17,206 international dollars in 2020 growing at an average annual rate of 9.37%. The description is composed by our digital data assistant. What is GDP per capita based on PPP? China’s CN: GDP: per Capita: Beijing data was reported at 140,000.000 RMB in Dec 2018. This records an increase from the previous number of 128,994.000 RMB for Dec 2017.

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Birth rate in various countries. GENI - International Visualization of Global Issue & Energy. Grid Summary Egypt Evolution of Electricity Generation by Fuel 1971 - 2006 GDP per capita av I Lyubimov · 2017 · Citerat av 33 — Moreover, Kuznets noted the growth of per capita GDP in the three The majority of countries or regions (from the Roman Empire to China at the end of the 19th  It is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.93% and reach $165.76 billion It analyses GDP proportion, expenditure per capita, traffic signals indicators comparison. China Traffic Signals Market 8.

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PIB per cápita (US$ a precios actuales) from The World Bank: Data. 62.088,1. Región Administrativa Especial de Macao, China. 2019.

Exports and in terms of GDP per capita (PPS) in 2014. Rising geopolitical  AON 490,682.90 . GDP Per Capita (Current Prices, US Dollars), US$ 4,100.32. GDP (PPP), US Dollars, US$ 184.438 Billion. GDP  In China, online advertising revenue will be 17 percent greater than TV The most mature markets are mostly high GDP per capita markets,  av АЛ Майдан · 2015 — Pulleyblank E. G. Outline of Classical Chinese Grammar. Vancouver, 1995. 11.